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Strategy that focuses on emotions. The starting point is the feeling your product or service evokes. The brand personality of your brand represents lifestyle, imagination, regained freedom, innovation, passion, hopes and dreams.


Time for the rebirth of your corporate identity? Then do it right this time. Rebranding offers you a great opportunity to strengthen your company's presence in the eyes of customers or potential customers.

Personal Branding Strategy

"Person brand" whose content and values are not only based on a company's product or image, but also convey values to help people think or understand the issues in a new way. You are the message.


My unique approach to creating your core brand message (your why) aims to always leave an emotional impact on the target audience and keep your ideal customers loyal to your product or service for the long term.

Your unique brand identity

Twelve-week collaborative project
  • Brand check, brand identity, brand values
  • Brand personality, positioning, brand philosophy
  • Storytelling, brand messages, content strategy
  • Content creation, emotional sales strategy, iconic check


Most frequent questions and answers

Stories sell emotional connections. Your product or service is always your own story, your true identity, your values and your vision. If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they will define your brand’s story for you.Telling your story is what it means – identifying your specific added value for society, living it and making it tangible to the outside world.

Once you have defined your brand for yourself and others, you should start living it. The people who meet you want to feel that your message is not just an empty phrase. Your appearance, your behaviour and your actions signal whether you really embody your brand. To get to the bottom of your personal brand, you need to be clear about what makes you special.

Every world-class brand started with a product or service and became a brand through precise, planned brand strategy. How quickly you evolve your business from commodity to brand depends on how quickly you identify your mission behind the product and transform it into a vision for your customers. 

The customer doesn’t buy features or ingredients – the customer buys a vision and the associated outcome or experience. This value proposition should be reflected in your core brand message.

A brand strategy is the foundation of a brand. It defines the necessary foundations of the brand and the goals to be achieved with it. In other words, it sets the course for a brand’s success.

Think of a brand strategy as your North Star. It guides your decisions about what you do and, just as importantly, what you don’t do. Once you decide where you stand in the market, who you want to target, and how to target them, the strategy is solid. A brand strategy consists of telling the brand story, developing strong brand messages, and constructing a brand system. This is what every marketing strategy should be based on.