“A plan always has a specific purpose. That's so you don't fail. Having a brand strategy will help you win and it will guide your actions”.

Hi, my name is Rūta. After more than 10 years of experience as a brand ambassador and manager for numerous world-famous brands, such as Christian Dior, Guerlain, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani, Jo Malone, Bobbi Brown and others, I know exactly which influential and deep factors create and promote a unique brand identity. 

Passionate about emotional selling, I specialise in helping creative businesses emotionally engage their customers through tailored brand strategy and brand messaging to create a consistent brand experience. My job is to connect your why with your product in such a way that the most important message reaches your target audience.

Together we create a brand strategy that makes sense and creates a long-term emotional connection with your customers. Clear positioning and emotional brand messages build a brand that everyone remembers. 

If you’re ready to anchor the roots of your brand deep into the market for long-term success, then I look forward to working with you.


Have you tried all kinds of marketing campaigns? Aligned social media channels? Optimised content? Hired a branding agency? Built your website?

…And no one seems to care. No one cares about what you’re trying to sell them.  Nothing works the way it should and none of this will work until you understand one thing: people buy emotional connections.

A successful brand doesn’t sell products, it sells emotions and the experience or outcome associated with them.  

Your product or service is always your own story, your true identity, your values and your vision. Once you define your brand for yourself and others – everything will change. Your customers don’t care what you do or how you do it – they are looking for connection. The connection comes when they know WHY you do it.